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Are you or your child not sleeping well?
We are here to help.

The Sleep Matters team is a team of health professionals who have specific training and experience in treating insomnia and related difficulties such as chronic nightmares, excessive daytime tiredness, adjusting to CPAP, and circadian rhythm disruptions. Our team works with child and teen sleep difficulties as well as adult poor sleepers.

We are Perth's first dedicated Behavioural Sleep Medicine Service, providing in-clinic consults for the Perth community, and telehealth treatment Australia-wide.

Do the insomnia test

Often, sleep disturbance is driven by one or more of these 3 problems

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Do you have trouble quietening your mind or settling your body? Do you worry about your sleep? Are you a worrier in general?
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Body clock

Does your schedule suit your sleep needs? Is it hard for you to get to sleep or wake-up on time?
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Do you have habits or routines that interrupt your sleep? E.g., Screens, caffeine, alcohol, exercise, working late, reliance on pills, irregular sleep routine.

Our Sleep Services

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Adult Insomnia Management

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder. Insomnia is a chronic difficulty with getting to sleep or staying asleep which has a negative impact on wellbeing and can cause a great deal of distress.

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Child and Teen Sleep Disturbance

For many children and families, getting enough sleep works smoothly enough. For some youngsters, however, poor sleep can be a headache both for them and for their families. Why does it go wrong?
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Circadian Rhythm Disturbance

Are you an extreme early bird or a night owl? Is your sleep disrupted by shiftowork? Do you find it difficult to sleep and wake at the times you would like to? Our treatments can assist in getting your body clock back on track.

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Stress, Mood and Anxiety Management

The Sleep Matters team are clinical psychologists who also work with psychological issues that can impact sleep. The Sleep Matters service is part of Jeffery&Ree Clinical psychologists.

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Sleep Education Seminars

We regularly provide talks & workshops to workplaces, schools, professional and community groups on sleep health and insomnia. Please enquire about a tailored solution for your organisation.

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Other Sleep Difficulties

We also assist people with:

  • Adjusting to CPAP therapy
  • Tapering from sleeping tablets
  • Recurrent nightmares
  • Hypersomnia (sleeping too much)
  • Sleep in shiftwork
  • Optimising sleep
  • Sleep assessment (using sleep log, questionnaires, and overnight EEG)

We offer face to face individual consultations and Telehealth consultations, so we can help you from anywhere in Australia or the world.

We also run a group program for insomnia several times a year, see below for details.

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sleep clinic perthsleep clinic perth

About Us

At Sleep Matters, we are a team of psychologists (Jeffery & Ree Clinical Psychologists) with particular interest and experience in helping people to manage sleep problems, particularly insomnia.

People are sometimes surprised to be referred to a psychologist for their poor sleep, as it is not well known that the recommended treatment for insomnia, CBT-I, is a speciality of psychology.

We have helped 1000s of people with long term sleep problems, including those who have been dependent on sleeping medication for a long time. We also provide general psychology services which means that symptoms of stress, anxiety, and low mood can also be addressed if required.

Goodnight Insomnia Group Treatment Program

This four session group program is run at our Como clinic, please register your interest below, or call our friendly reception team on 6107 6828 for enquiries and to reserve your place.

Louise Buck

BSc, PGradDip(Psych), MPsych (Clinical)

Learn how to break the habit of not sleeping well. Our group program runs over four Saturday mornings & provides clients with the recommended first-line treatment for insomnia:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy-Insomnia (CBT-I).

Bio Louise

Next program dates:

Groups are run on Saturday mornings. 

Next group commences: Saturday, June, 8th, 2024.

We also have a group starting August 17th.

Time: (9.15 arrival) 9.30-11.45am.
Location: 400 Canning Hwy, Como (enter off Greenock Ave).

Cost & rebates: 
Medicare or Private health rebates may apply, leaving an out of pocket cost of approx. $315-$400.

Cost with no rebate is $570 ($63.33/hr for 9 hours across 4 sessions) + option of a 1 month follow-up session.

Our groups do tend to sell out so please contact us a few weeks before the start date if you'd like to reserve a place.

Demonstrated effectiveness: see here to see how effective our insomnia treatment is.

About the program
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