4-week Insomnia treatment program. Starts Saturday October 29. Enrol today!

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Join the Insomnia treatment group at The Marian Centre (Wembley). The next program is not far away – commencing Saturday October 29. This will be the final group program for 2016. The program runs for 4 Saturday mornings (9am-12.15pm). The Insomnia program utilises Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), which is the recommended first line treatment for Insomnia. Come away with proven strategies for …

Sleep tips for Teens

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Jessica Cole from Sleep Matters presented a seminar on teenage sleep to nearly 200 students at one of Perth’s high schools this week. It was a great opportunity to cover some interesting and important facts about sleep in adolescence. Getting good quality and quantity sleep can be tricky in adolescence. At the very age the teenage body is demanding more …

Feeling Tired?

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Did you know that if you type into Google, “why am I so……”, that the first autofill option is the word “tired“. This is really saying something about how common the experience of tiredness is, and how many people are concerned about their levels of tiredness.  Thinking about your experience with tiredness, which of the following do you think apply? Are there others …

Insomnia treatment workshops For Health Professionals

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We have recently run a well attended full-day workshop for psychologists on management of Insomnia using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. There is another full day workshop coming up in September, please see details……. September 23rd, Floreat.  Workshop Content:Insomnia Disorder is the common sleep disorder with a prevalence of 10%. It is associated with significant daytime impairment and individual and societal costs. Insomnia is one of …

What is Conditioned Insomnia and how can it be treated?

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When people have experienced poor sleep for quite some time, the bed and poor sleep have been paired again and again. A kind of automatic learning, called ‘classical conditioning’, sets in. The bedroom becomes associated with being awake, alert, frustrated and/or worried, rather than with feeling relaxed and sleepy.  This is conditioned insomnia. The bed becomes a trigger for feeling alert …

Sleep deprivation and its consequences.

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Sleep deprivation and its consequences.Professor Matthew Naughton presents a FREE Public lecture.  Monday August 22, 6-7pm, UWA. Sleep is crucial for life, health, and well-being. In this lecture, Professor Naughton discusses exciting research developments that explore links between chronic sleep deprivation and physical health.  Over the past 20 years there has been an explosive growth in our understanding of the health effects of …

So why do we sleep?

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We know sleep is good for us, but why do we sleep?This is a question that researchers have been working hard to find the answers to. Check out this 3 minute video to learn some sleep science that tells us why we sleep.