Goodnight Insomnia: Group Program

A program to get you sleeping better and feeling more energised.

In our group program,  we give you the know how to effectively improve your sleep and daytime energy. We dig deeper than the usual lists of sleep tips by providing detailed, personalised plans for how you can make adjustments to get you sleeping well.

This program is intended as a long term solution for poor sleepers. We teach the tools to continue to improve your sleep long into the future. We believe it is a worthwhile investment into your health and wellbeing. ​

The program delivers the recommended first-line treatment for insomnia, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT-Insomnia).

The Sleep Matters team has been running group programs for Insomnia for several years in hospital and university settings. The programs have an excellent track record of effectiveness. We look forward to working with you.

Pre-program preparation

After registering, you will be asked to complete some short questionnaires and keep a sleep log for a week which we will use in the program.

Be prepared to think differently about your sleep and make some changes to your routines around sleep and during the day.

During the program

We will ask you to spend some time each week reviewing the group material and making changes planned in the group

The program covers

Science-based facts about sleep to help you understand the range of ‘normal’.

The three barriers to sleep and how to manage them.

How to adjust your sleep routine to fall asleep faster and reduce night-time wakings.

Strategies to calm a busy mind and/or tense body.

Strategies for improving daytime energy.

How to reduce worry about sleep.

The use (and misuse) of light in assisting sleep

How to reduce reliance on sleeping tablets (where appropriate).

Where to find additional support if required (self-help resources, referral for treatment of other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, individual follow-up for insomnia or related issues such as stress, anxiety, low mood).

You will also receive a detailed resource folder to complement the group sessions.

Please note

The insomnia group treatment program is run at The Marian Centre in Wembley. This is a private service and private hospital cover is recommneded.

A minimum of 6 attendees is required for the course to run. In the event that a program does not run,  participants will be notified about future group dates.

This program is not designed to treat other sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, restless legs, or nightmare disorder. We do not prescribe medications in the program. It is fine to attend the group if you have other sleep disorders, but the focus will be on treating insomnia.

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