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Join us as leading clinical psychology practices collaborate to bring you answers to common psychological challenges that have arisen as we navigate COVID-19. 
Recent studies suggest that for many people, distress is increasing during COVID-19. The rates of Australians with poor mental health has doubled since pre-COVID-19. Stress, confusion and anxiety are on the rise, while optimism has reduced.
Despite these numbers, there has been a drop in people seeking professional help across public and private sectors. People may be unsure about when and how to seek help and what psychological interventions involve. 
We hope that our From the Couch series will encourage you to take care of your well-being and understand how to do that.
This Q&A series will to provide you with a better understanding of common psychological challenges, demystify what a clinical psychologist does, and give you some takeaway action points to help you or your loved ones in the right direction.
Session Schedule:
1. I can’t sleep! Understanding Sleep and insomnia: May 11th at 7 pm
2. Managing OCD during a pandemic: May 18th at 7 pm
3. Kids and parenting: sleep, school, behaviour: May 25th at 7 pm
4. What if….. one for the worriers: June 1st at 7 pm

Your Hosts:
Clair and Melissa are two like-minded, experienced clinical psychologists based in Perth, Western Australia. They are both involved in and love research and run clinical psychology clinics dedicated to providing gold standard evidence-based treatments. 
Intertwining research evidence with warm and compassionate care is our craft, and we’re super excited about this opportunity to provide a glimpse into the world of clinical psychology.

More about your hosts:
Dr Clair Lawson. Hey everyone, I am a clinical psychologist based in Perth, Western Australia and have been helping people from all walks of life for the past 19 years. I spent the first five years of my career working with children and adolescents within the WA health department. I moved to the private sector in 2007 and established Lawson Clinical Psychology. Our mission is to improve lives through excellence in psychological healthcare. I have a keen interest in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder in adults and children. I am involved in research and training of clinical psychologists. 
Dr Melissa Ree. Hello there. I’ve been a clinical psychologist for 20 years. Following a stint at Oxford University, I’ve been serving the Perth community in private hospitals and in private practice. I founded Jeffery & Ree Clinical Psychologists and Sleep Matters with Paul Jeffery and our clinic has grown to provide care for many West Australians. I’m also a part-time academic at UWA where you’ll find me teaching and conducting research in the field of sleep which is my clinical and research passion. The effective treatment of sleep difficulties such as insomnia brings so many good things to our health and well-being and I’m keen to spread the word far and wide.

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