Mindfulness Courses to Calm Your Mind

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Mindfulness Courses to Calm Your Mind

Perth Mindfulness Centre (www.perthmindfulnesscentre.com.au) is a collaboration between psychologists Dr Mark Craigie and Paul Buttigieg. Mark and Paul are highly experienced mindfulness teachers specialising in teaching mindfulness practices to help people relax, calm their mind,  improve concentration, and reduce stress. Learning mindfulness skills may also assist with improving sleep. Please go to Perth Mindfulness Centre for more about mindfulness and courses in Subiaco.

Sleep Matters highly recommends Mindfulness as a powerful technique for improving sleep. We often suggest that our clients put some time into learning Mindfulness skills. Often a structured program is the best way to get Mindfulness skills off the ground. We recommend the Mindfulness courses at PMC

Please see here if you’d like further information about mindfulness and sleep.

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