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Sleep Matters offers treatment for several types of sleep disturbance, stress, anxiety and mood difficulties, as well as education and training in sleep health.

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We have expertise across a range of sleep difficutlies

Other sleep services we offer

Sleep Matters - Sleep Clinic Perth

In addition to treatment for insomnia, we also offer the following interventions:

  • Treatment for recurrent nightmares which involves imagery rescripting and building a healthy sleep routine.
  • Assistance with adjusting to using CPAP therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea.
  • Treatment of other psychological difficulties impacting on sleep (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress).
  • Light therapy to treat Circadian rhythm disorders (e.g., people affected by FIF/shift work, or extreme night owls or early birds).
  • A four-week, Saturday morning group program for insomnia developed by Dr Ree is run through The Marian Centre several times a year. Marian Centre Insomnia Program

Overnight, in-home sleep assessment:

It can sometimes be useful to assess a patient's sleep quality and quantity objectively, using a simple EEG kit (just three electrodes on the back of your neck). This is very useful for assessing how much a person is really sleeping.

Education and training in Sleep Health:

  • We offer training and supervision to professionals on psychological management of Insomnia and other sleep difficulties.
  • We often present seminars to schools, local groups, and corporations on Insomnia management and Sleep Health. Please feel to enquire about a tailored seminar for your group.
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