Answers to 5 of your most common questions about sleep

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Sleep health is important. We understand that everyone needs at least reasonable sleep to function happily and healthily. Yet sleep itself can be somewhat mysterious and misunderstood. The Sleep Matters team have advanced training in the management of sleep difficulties and we wanted to clarify some sleep facts and bust some common myths. So here are the answers to 5 …

Is it time to get help for your trouble sleeping?

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                                                                                                               Pri Mithal, BSc. (Hons), MPsych (Clin)                                                                                                Clinical Psychologist Registrar “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” — Thomas Dekker Ahh…sleep…zzzzz. Some of us love it, and others dread it. Here we debunk a few sleep myths, consider what healthy sleep is and when to seek help for trouble sleeping. So, what exactly is sleep …

Improving sleep to improve Performance: What does the research say?

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Good sleep can help us perform at our best, this is true for everyone, including elite athletes. Good sleep plays an important role in optimising performance and recovery outcomes across a range of sports. Daniel Bonnar from Flinders University and Sleep Matters, has recently published the results of a research project, reviewing research on how interventions to improve sleep affect athletic performance and …

First ever Nobel Prize in Sleep/circadian rhythms

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This year, the first Nobel Prize in the area of sleep science was won. The prize was based on important research that improves understanding of how the body clock (circadian rhythm) influences our body & mind – including why we feel so awful when we are jet lagged. At Sleep Matters, the body clock is one of the three factors …

Is it a myth that we need 8 hours sleep? How much sleep do I need? How much sleep does my child need?

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Almost anything we read about sleep says we need 8 hours. Numerous studies have been published concerning the dangers of lack of sleep, to our general health and wellbeing. We now understand that sleep may play an important role in allowing to the brain to cleanse from toxins. So how much shut eye do we really need each night? New guidelines have been …

Are Power Naps helpful? What does the science say?

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The answer is, it depends. Read on to learn about the potential benefits of naps and how to realise them. In general, for a healthy adult, a long daytime sleep is not a great idea as it is likely to lead to sluggishness on waking (often worse than before the sleep), and it can wreak havoc with sleep that night- especially if …

Understanding how to sleep well by understanding what gets in the way

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There is a great deal of information on the internet about how to get a good night’s sleep. So much so that it can be overwhelming. In order to simplify, it can be useful to think of three types of ‘barriers to good sleep’. Understanding these barriers to good sleep help to make sense of some of the most useful Tips …

Sleep deprivation and its consequences.

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Sleep deprivation and its consequences.Professor Matthew Naughton presents a FREE Public lecture.  Monday August 22, 6-7pm, UWA. Sleep is crucial for life, health, and well-being. In this lecture, Professor Naughton discusses exciting research developments that explore links between chronic sleep deprivation and physical health.  Over the past 20 years there has been an explosive growth in our understanding of the health effects of …

So why do we sleep?

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We know sleep is good for us, but why do we sleep?This is a question that researchers have been working hard to find the answers to. Check out this 3 minute video to learn some sleep science that tells us why we sleep.