About forms and logs

In preparation for your first session, please complete the relevant questionnaire pack and bring it with you on the day. This should take about 10 minutes.

Please also complete the relevant 7 day sleep log.

Sleep logs are very useful for assessing sleep, becoming aware of patterns, and tracking changes in sleep over time. We don't recommend that you keep a sleep log in the long term (it can increase worry and preoccupation over sleep), but a few weeks of recording can be very valuable. ​

Please estimate the times as best you can, there is no need to look at the clock overnight in order to complete your sleep log.

Adult Forms: age 18+


First session adult
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Sleep log

Sleep log adult
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Adolescent Forms: age 11-17


First session adolescent
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Sleep log

Sleep log adolescent
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Child Forms: age 10 and under


First session child
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Sleep log

Sleep log child
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Healthy Sleep Group Forms


Group form
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