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As Perth’s first behavioural sleep medicine clinic, Sleep Matters is dedicated to helping people overcome sleep difficulties and improve their overall health and wellbeing. We believe that research plays a crucial role in advancing understanding of sleep disorders and finding effective treatments for sleep-related issues. Our current studies are in collaboration with The University of Western Australia and Compumedics Ltd.

Participation in our current studies can be through our Sleep Matters clinics with treatment delivered by registered psychologists (usual fees apply + research participation reimbursement), or through UWA’s psychology training clinic with treatment delivered by provisional psychologists who are working under supervision (no fees for treatment).

Sleep Well For Mood Study

This study investigates how insomnia treatment works to improve mood. Participation involves receiving our proven Goodnight Insomnia group program. The program is 4 sessions long and research participants are asked to complete sleep assessments before and after treatment as well as at 1 and 3 month follow-ups.

After reading the flyer below, if you’re interested in participating in the Sleep Well for Mood study, please contact Vanika Lall: vanika.lall@research.uwa.edu.au

CBT-Insomnia plus at-home sleep assessment study

This study is investigating whether sleep assessment via a medical-grade home sleep measurement device enhances standard CBT-Insomnia outcomes. Participation involves receiving individual Insomnia treatment + wearing the Somfit sleep assessment device before, during and after treatment as well as at follow-up.

After reading the flyer below, if you’re interested in participating in the Somfit + CBT-I study, please contact Nick Ramondo: nramondo@compumedics.com.au

0433 786 134

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