UWA research – Sleep skills group recruiting volunteers age 60+

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Having trouble with your sleep?

The University of Western Australia, in collaboration with The Australia Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, is offering a scientifically-supported sleep training program to adults aged 60 and over.  This program is part of a research project looking at the relationship between sleep and thinking skills.  It provides training in coping skills to improve sleep quality and quantity over 7 individual and group meetings between November and February.  In addition, you will be provided with a comprehensive evaluation of thinking skills, and of your sleep in the sleep lab at UWA.  There is a minimal cost to participants (less than $20 per session) for the training session to defray expenses. However, for the testing of thinking skills sessions we provide $15.00 to cover your travel costs.  If interested please contact us at 6457 0264 to see if you are eligible.

This study is approved by the University of Western Australia Human Research Ethics Committee (Ref: RA/4/1/7799)

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