Sleep Well Feel Well with mental illness Program receives award from Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS)

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Dr Melissa Ree from Sleep Matters is part of a team from the University of Western Australia who have implemented a sleep clinic within the north metro mental health service. We’re delighted to announce that this service has recently been awarded a high commendation from the Australian Council of Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

So many people with mental health problems also suffer with poor sleep which often remains untreated. We know that poor sleep has a negative impact on wellbeing and mental health symptoms (depression, anxiety, psychosis). The clinic provides access to a brief (3 session) sleep therapy intervention for sleep problems occurring in the context of mental illness (insomnia, nightmares, hypersomnia). Cognitive Behavioural principles were the basis of the therapy intervention.

Results showed that the program improved sleep, depression, anxiety, psychotic symptoms and well-being.

See also the recently published clinical guidebook developed by the team. 

​Please contact us if you are interested in this evidence-based program for your health facility. 

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